Signs are much more than just a large version of your logo.

The launch of a new position in your marketplace can be exciting and sometimes a little daunting, especially when the visual expression of the brand is new, refreshed or changed entirely. An essential part of a successful launch is to make sure everyone involved (from employees to potential customers and partners) has something they can stand behind — and stand for. Infusing this visual expression into your environment in a way that is unapologetic and proud creates ownership and impact in a way that no other element of your brand can.

D+i, along with it’s fabrication partners is adept at creating an appropriate three-dimensional expression of your brand identity that will resonate both internally and externally, creating a sense of place and belonging. Not only that, but what better way to show your company pride than a 3 foot high logo? Here’s some examples of 3-D expression in action.