As a company based in Denver, our team is comprised of a melting pot of outdoor enthusiasts.

From mountain biking and skiing to rock climbing and fly-fishing, our team members embrace the Colorado stereotype of maintaining an active, outdoor lifestyle in our 300+ days of sunshine each year.

As such, we are always eager to work with brands who share our passion for the outdoors. These brands share the challenge of solving an unanswered problem for outdoor enthusiasts. We partner with them to help identify and verbalize the problem and design a path to communicating its solution.

BikeDenver is a membership-supported organization that advocates for bicycle safety, accessibility and education across the Denver community. The organization recognized the need for Denver bicyclists to have a platform to discuss issues, share knowledge, and advocate for change. We partnered with BikeDenver to conceptualize a brand identity, positioning and tone-of-voice that engaged with this community and positioned the organization as a key resource. We then design a user-friendly website where this target audience could collaborate, educate themselves and engage with BikeDenver staff. These efforts fueled an increase in membership numbers and ultimately a continuous improvement of cycling infrastructure in and around Denver creating a bike-friendly city for years to come that will encourage individuals to Shift How You Move.

Digitizing licenses

While embracing the outdoors used to be seen as a ‘back to basics’, no frills experience, advancements in technology have spurred more and more outdoor sportsmen and women to utilize gadgets, online resources and applications to improve safety, convenience, and efficiency in the outdoors.

While the outdoor industry continued to be more technology-centric, certain areas remain outdated. Managing hunting and fishing licenses was one of these areas, and the Pursuit team recognized this. Hunters and Fishermen were still tasked with carrying physical copies of their licenses when in the field and organizing licenses by state as well as expiration date. The team at Pursuit approached us with the idea for a mobile application where electronic copies of these licenses were stored. We approached this engagement by first developing an understanding of the target audience. We realized that users needed to not only store, but organize, manage and renew licenses on a regular basis. We approached UX design for the mobile application with this need in mind, ensuring it was simple, intuitive and easy to navigate with the tap of a finger.

Sharing adventure

Trekz approached us with an idea for a mobile application that created a space for outdoor adventurers to come together and share their experiences with like-minded users.

While certain mobile apps offered a tool for mapping the location of a hike or sharing photos from a journey, there was a void for an application which connecting photos with GPS coordinates as well as a first-hand story account. We collaborated with the Trekz team to build off of this need. We knew our target audience not only wanted to share their adventures, but also experience the journeys of others in a story-like fashion. We designed the application to present information like a magazine article, using editorial design cues to encourage users to immerse themselves in the journeys of others in an exciting and interactive way.

Funding fish habitat

The National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) is a government entity funded by the Division of Fish and Wildlife. NFHP oversees fish habitat partnerships across the country, however the government funding it receives is not enough to effectively fund the 19 partnerships it manages.

NFHP came to us with the need to generate additional funding sources that could serve as an additional funding source for the individual partners. After conducting stakeholder interviews, we determined that a separate, branded funding entity was needed that communicated how funds were allocated and emphasized how these funds were used – specifically on the conservation and ecosystem health level. We conceptualized a name and identity for the funding entity – Beyond The Pond – whose message was that aquatic ecosystem health – from fish to wildlife to chemical makeup – was essential to the population as well as wildlife. The Beyond The Pond brand proved to be hugely successful in securing new funders and generating awareness.

Innovating the outdoors

Whether it be a non-profit organization, mobile application or retail brand, the outdoor industry continues to draw interest and support across the globe, and brands are looking for innovative ways to engage with users and improve outdoor adventures and experiences. We take pride in partnering with them to accomplish this, and seeing the final product in action when we’re playing outdoors in the diversity of our own Colorado backyard is the ultimate reward.