From first impressions to lasting impressions.

D+i was tasked with the challenge of updating the environmental graphics throughout the Denver Performing Arts Center space. Through creative exploration and collaboration with the Arts & Venues team we settled upon a solution that utilized custom typography to reflect the use of the multiple theaters within the space.

Words that reflect the primary residents of the space, and the nature of the events that occur here were styled in a way that visually describe the movement and dynamic impressions that an attendee would experience, employing multiple bold colors to create an energized and modern stained-glass effect. The graphics are applied across the majority of glass surfaces within the complex, from the parking garage where attendees first enter, to storefronts and throughout the interior to tie together this shared arts space in a cohesive way.

D+i took this large-scale challenge in stride, organizing the process with site visits and planograms to ensure variety in form, message and accuracy in final application, as seen in the time-lapse video of the install (after the images below).