One Chance Illinois

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Founded in 2010, One Chance Illinois operates under the principle that kids only have one chance at a quality education. This ideal drives the organization today in their work to research, develop and advocate for impactful education policies within the Illinois legislature. One Chance challenged D+i to build a “parent” brand to represent them as the thought-leader behind the objective, solutions-based policy. Beyond this, we created a family of secondary identities to stand for current and future policy initiatives.

Our team first partnered with One Chance Illinois to define their organizational positioning. This informed a Brand Expression, including a new identity, communications collateral, and a responsive website, all kept in line by a Brand Guidelines document.

The identity captures One Chance Illinois’ mission to bring unique ideas together, creating forward momentum toward change in education policy. A key attribute in the new identity, the hexagon, represents a unique idea emerging from a multi-sided dialogue. The hexagon shape also provides a systematic approach to the identities for individual policies. It is used as a container for an iconic element that represents the central subject of the policy. The hexagon shape further reinforces the policies as the building blocks of education that they are.