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Project Overview

Founded in 2010, One Chance Illinois operates under the principle that kids only have one chance at a quality education. This ideal drives the organization today in their work to research, develop and advocate for impactful education policies within the Illinois legislature.

Largely overshadowed by their hallmark initiative, the Illinois Kids Campaign, One Chance Illinois’ challenged D+i to build a “parent” brand to represent them as the thought-leader behind objective, solutions-based policy. Beyond this, there was also a need to create a family of secondary identities to stand for current and future policy initiatives.


Our team partnered with One Chance Illinois to define their organizational positioning. This informed a Brand Expression, including communications collateral and a responsive website, all kept in line by a Brand Guidelines document. An insight-driven approach to discovery laid the essential foundation of brand positioning from which the new One Chance Illinois identity emerged. The identity captures One Chance Illinois’ mission to bring unique ideas together, creating forward momentum toward change in education policy.

A key attribute in the identity, the hexagon building block represents a unique idea emerging from a multi-sided dialogue. Not only does a hexagon have familiar symbolism when it comes to education, but this shape also adapts to specific goals of the One Chance Illinois mission. The hexagon shape extends to the identities for the individual policies. It is used as a container for an iconic element that represents the central subject of the policy. The hexagon shape further represents the policies as the building blocks of education that they are.

One Chance Illinois is passionate about creating real change in education policy. This momentum is captured by a sunny, forward-moving arrow to emphasize the importance of the “one” chance kids have at a quality education. The arrow becomes a consistent graphic tool, used across multiple mediums to emphasize important information.

As a cornerstone of the Expression, One Chance Illinois’ Primary photography is student-focused. This captures their engagement in quality education that helps them reach for a brighter future. Each shot is infused with light to capture an aspirational feeling of a brighter future. Supporting photography styles capture an education-in-action environment by focusing on the actions taken while learning, rather than students.
The new brand design compels their primary audiences to understand and embrace their unique approach. This inspires their support and encourages their engagement in productive, sincere discussions about the policies and programs they advance.


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