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Project Overview

EON is the largest independently-owned and operated office product supplier in Colorado, working with local businesses, big and small. EON customer service and sales reps work directly with purchasing managers to provide next day delivery, advice, support and services that go above and beyond.

After creating the original identity for the company, D&i partnered with EON to provide additional creative and design production for nearly seven years. During that time, their service base began to grow along with their competitive set. In 2012, we worked with EON to refresh their Positioning and Expression to grow their market share and out-pace local competition.


While EON held a firm position as a local, service-oriented office products supplier, it became clear that we had to position the company as much more than just products, or become faced with an unwinnable pricing war with local competition and national brands.

We began by working with EON stakeholders and representatives to reposition the company as a whole-office partner for their client base. We removed “product” from the conversation and began to communicate the personal value their team offered while backed by a wide range of services.

We created a new Expression Platform, leading with the messaging theme – EON is today’s office. The colorful and eclectic brand patterns combined with photography which focused on office space, not office product, built a foundation for marketing EON as a whole office partner.

With a refreshed Expression, D+i designed and developed a new content-managed website, marketing collateral, proprietary product packaging and delivery truck designs which are easily seen and recognized as they make their daily stops around the Denver metro area. D+i continues to work with EON to extend their brand and improve online engagement.

Today, we are creating a sister brand for the furniture division, along with a new website and sales materials.


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