Insightful data requires consistent tracking

With the product in development, Simple Farms needed a user experience and user interface designed to specifically engage farm operators to regularly input their activities and allow farm administrators to intuitively track their crop margins. The company also needed an identity designed to champion its product’s unique capability and emphasize that the company is founded by farmers to empower fellow farmers.

As reflected in the name, the entire experience had to be straightforward, simple and provide an ease of use that encouraged consistent interaction with the application.

Gameify to simplify

D+i worked directly with Simple Farms and its product developer (303 Software) to concept and sketch user flows for the application. Collaboratively, we decided that a gamified experience would ensure that farm operators and their employees consistently inputted accurate data. The user interface design takes its inspiration from popular strategy games, using brightly colored digital illustrations in an isometric style to allow an operator to “build” their operations and equipment as customized forms of data input.

Keeping it simple

To ensure the brand resonates with producers, the identity design leverages simply illustrated farm iconography that also alludes to the functionality of the product and its ability to track data and calculate crop margins. The design is as beautifully simple and approachable as the product itself.