Reflecting the shift within

After a shift in the marketplace from a traditional real estate developer to an acquisitions-focused model that upholds Certified B Corporation status, D+i was hired to reinvent a brand that reflected this agile, insight-driven and purposeful shift. Working closely with the team at Brinkman we landed on a brand that creates access to opportunity.

A new opportunistic model

To support this strategic shift D+i leveraged elements of opportunity and access to define a brand that plays a major role in the Intermountain West region. The new identity system needed to portray a sense of growth and maturity while remaining approachable and distinctly connected to Brinkman’s entrepreneurial interests.

A flexible suite of deliverables

To help launch the new brand D+i built an interactive experience the utilizes bold simplicity backed by data driven points of insight. Multiple categories of custom photography were developed to better differentiate from competitors while functional templates were made for both digital and traditional printed outreach. The end result is an agile and modular suite of assets that can effortlessly expand to meet the inevitable growth ahead.