Staying ahead

While relationship-building has operated on handshakes and word of mouth for decades, as the developer marketplace evolves so do the marketing tools associated with it. Our partnership with Shea Properties Colorado has helped to bring the public representation of their past and present up to modern day expectations. Through enhanced digital experiences, contextual photography and an overall sense of brand consistency in style and language we created a dynamic approach to tell the story of Shea’s impact on the Colorado urban landscape. Outreach for their new properties utilize similar tools to provide appropriate content in a user-friendly way to brokers, site selectors and business owners alike.

Build the next phase
of your life

D+i was hired to not only update and refresh the existing creative around the Montane brand, but also to securely position the neighborhood in the minds of future residents D+i was hired to not only update and refresh the existing creative around the this unique Shea development, but also to securely position this exclusive front-range neighborhood in the minds of future residents as having the most potential for their next custom home.

Studying the specific audience types for this brand brought about insight to inform a unique verbal and visual approach. One that teased up the beauty of the natural surroundings and mountainous front range setting, balanced with the potential to build the home of your dreams – your forever home. This approach would appeal to a segment of the population at a point in their lives when a particular lifestyle matters and nothing else will do.

We expressed this visually through stunning landscape and architectural photography, using storytelling copywriting to help a potential buyer envision themselves here. A publication-style catalog website was supported by full-page print ads and a digital and social media campaign that helped drive traffic and ultimately sell out this limited opportunity to invest in the Colorado front range.

Consistency matters

With a persistent eye on brand management D+i has helped Shea Properties represent their developments in a professional and relevant manner through marketing tools that allow a repeatable, consistent, yet unique approach each time. The ability to flex within a set of guidelines allows Shea to represent the unique qualities of any property while maintaining an overarching sense of honesty and integrity that the team behind the project represents.