A portable heater specifically designed and built to serve the “workshop” market

Infrared heating manufacturer Redcore approached D+i with the challenge to name and design retail packaging for their latest product, a portable infrared heater featuring a highly functional design.

Aiming to break through the appliance packaging rut, we positioned the HotBox as reliable, rugged and purpose-built for work. Targeting the tinkerers, weekend warriors and craftsmen, we focused our collective heat to create innovative packaging that emphasized product design, highlighted engineering benefits with an industrial feel and presented the product as a tough, effective piece of equipment. Bright, energetic colors paired with bold language and intentional product renders wow the consumer with functionality, portability and benefits. Retailers had not yet seen a portable heater specifically designed and built to serve the “workshop” market, and we capitalized on this opportunity by positioning the HotBox as a rugged, smart, safe and efficient heater for the garage, a truly disruptive stance among the portable heater marketplace.