WRK Denver South

Campaign Strategy | Campaign Collateral | Landing Page Design

The advent of a pandemic brought forth many challenges for business owners and the concentrated areas of commerce where they are located. Getting ahead of these issues has become key to the survival and economic recovery of regions like Denver South. As businesses of all sizes face the need to adapt to a hybrid work model, Denver South wanted to provide guidance and resources to help business owners adapt in this time of change.
Since establishing the Denver South brand the economic development organization has launched several campaigns to promote and support various aspects of the region. The objective of this campaign was to build upon a foundation of guidance and support for teleworking and hybrid work days with campaign elements that highlight the advantages of the region and quickly point business owners to relevant resources.
D+i built succinct messaging around an abbreviated name that subtly suggests the forward progress of work spaces through this time of evolution and change. We supported this with vibrant coloration and relevant imagery to promote a positive energy around the development of hybrid work models and helpful resources to aid business owners in their path toward progress.