The Path to a Perfect Client Gift.

Back in October, when the D+i team first started brainstorming ideas for client holiday gifts, we were struggling to settle on a direction to go. We pride ourselves on going beyond the traditional each year, gifting our clients with something that they’ll remember more than your standard See’s Candy Sampler. Past holiday gifts have included custom-designed growlers of a special edition D+i beer, Larger-than-life coloring sheets of an animated Denver skyline and eco-friendly recycling bins complete with original art from D+i Designers.

Everyone needs a good drink.

We first started down the path of a spirits-related gift, as the holidays tend to be a time for overindulging – be that in celebration or commiseration! Booze-themed gifts tend to be another expected during the holidays, however, and we knew that some of our more productive clients were trying to clean things up with a healthier start to the New Year this year. This posed the question: should we play the role of the ‘bad influence’ this holiday season?

We decided to leave it up to our clients whether they’d be imbibing or hydrating this year, while we would simply provide the means to an end. We went in search of the perfect tumbler cup to serve any needs, and settled on a sleek, stainless steel rambler to keep your ice water chilled or hot toddy steaming.

To put a D+i spin on the rambler, we decided to design custom leather sleeves for each rambler to sport that not only brought a rustic Colorado feel to the mugs, but also allowed for a *shameless brand plug* for D+i! The process included creating our own custom branding iron with the phrase “Good Influence” and branding the hand-crafted sleeves by hand in the D+i office. Luckily, apart from nearly setting off the fire alarm about a dozen times, we all made it home for the holidays unscathed. 

The ramblers were a huge hit with clients, and we are happy to have played a role as a ‘good influence’ this holiday season, whether that meant providing a liquid coat for a Zoo Lights outing or a burst of caffeine before hitting the mountain biking trail.