Facilitating ownership and inspiration

It’s always a challenge to achieve alignment and consensus within any organization, but how do you do find the time to complete this task with a team that is engaged with their work around the clock? D+i Creative was hired by the NBC Owned Stations Group to guide their internal design team (that supports newscasts with digital graphic assets nationwide), breed a sense of ownership around a new name, and ultimately inspire and empower the creation of a new identity for their department.

D+i collaborated with our strategic partner Darwin to conduct a two-day series of on-site, facilitated workshops, each including a brand components backgrounder and various team exercises to achieve discussion and consensus around central themes. From this we were able to create a strategic plan and provide some essential communication tactics that would set a foundation to inform the creative work that would follow.

Ultimately the NBC team achieved success with an identity they could own, a pride in their department and new clarity around communication to audiences internally and externally, describing exactly what they do in one consistent and unified voice. We are The Arthouse!