A true agency partner is so much more than simply a firm on retainer

Where change is the only constant in an always-evolving marketplace, hiring a dedicated agency for ongoing design needs is a practical step.

That being said, a true agency partner is so much more than simply a firm on retainer–the value lies in having a trusted partner who has a deep conceptual understanding of your brand and vision for its future. These partners are there to accomplish last-minute projects, manage ongoing campaigns, and most-importantly maintain an open line of communication and collaboration to generate new opportunities and attention.

The key to selecting an agency to have on board for the long-haul is finding a reliable firm that values your relationship, treats it as a true partnership, and is an extended family of sorts that you can trust to uphold your vision. We’ve outlined the top 5 benefits of having a true dedicated agency on hand below.

1. They Know Your Brand

Whether the agency was part of the initiative to create your brand expression, or you joined forces to extend a pre-existing set of standards, upholding these brand guidelines consistently is always top-of-mind. They are truly your built-in brand ambassadors, intimately familiar with your visual and verbal platform, target audience and body of creative work. They know your history, because they were a part of it. They uphold your vision, because they helped craft it. As steadfast stewards upholding your identity, you can rest assured there will be no egregious brand violations out in the marketplace and that any design solution will be a thoughtful extension of your brand foundation. This ensures scalability and puts you in a position for continued growth under a consistent identity.

2. Because They Know You, They Push You

With a true agency partner, you won’t just be giving orders, and the agency will never simply be complacent. Your partner will collaborate with you, ask questions, challenge the status quo and push for innovative solutions. As an outside source intimately familiar with your brand, they bring insight to the conversation you otherwise wouldn’t have. They keep your objectives in mind, but have the tenacity to recommend a revolutionary shift if it is a smart and informed move. Their primary job is to ensure your foundational brand is upheld, but they also take it upon themselves to push the boundaries and identify opportunities that foster continued growth. Whether it is rolling out a fresh new campaign or simply making sure your brand never becomes stagnant, your dedicated agency will continue to challenge and excite you.

3. They’re an Integrated Part of Your Team

One of the greatest perks of the dedicated agency relationship is the strong working relationship and trust that develops over time. Whether it be frequent conference calls, meeting to discuss project goals and progress, or simply updates on anything coming down the pike, it provides peace of mind and ensures that everything is covered and planned for, large and small. A dedicated agency becomes an extension of your team working toward a common goal. Your agency will cover the organizational component of making sure deadlines and budgets are met, reducing stress and management responsibilities on your behalf. Last-minute marketing opportunities? They happen, and you want a team who is thoughtfully aware of your brand and the objective of your communication to quickly gather resources and deliver for you.

4. They Expand Your Resources

With a dedicated agency, you not only get a devoted team, but you expand your access to countless additional resources. Your partner has agency expertise and connections to additional resources which they’ve utilized on past projects. They act as a one-stop shop for you, as they can arrange these additional services for you whether it be copywriting, trade show production, custom illustration, photography–you name it. You are saved the inconvenience of sourcing out additional services from unknown agencies, and you can rest assured your agency is bringing in nothing but the best. They’ll stay involved throughout the process as well, ensuring overall management and communication with these outside resources and a seamless experience for you.

5. It’s Personal

Now for the warm fuzzies — your dedicated agency truly becomes a part of your family. They care about your growth and success, so much so that the discussion of client and agency or “us” and “them” no longer exists. You truly become a team of “we” thinkers, working toward your common goals and upholding your vision. From reauthorization, new brand expressions or changing programming to shifts in goals, funding vulnerabilities and generous success, each of these experiences brings a shared perspective. Experiencing them together is paramount in your agency’s ability to serve you.


Enough About You. Let’s Talk About Us.

We believe there’s great value in partnering with companies for the long haul and we enjoy those enduring relationships with clients who have frequent needs for brand and marketing communications, ongoing educational campaigns, seasonal sales initiatives and recurring product roll-outs. We set ourselves apart from the industry standard by acting as an ever-present supportive family to our clients. From weekly check-in calls to late-night brainstorm sessions, we are there as a source of advice, expertise, and support.[