Digital Product Design Process



Establish the vision, reason to exist and direction of the application.

During our Discovery we collaboratively search for meaning, necessity and true understanding of the product. The outcome of this process allows our team to define key information to move the project forward.

Concept Analysis

Our initial Discovery session will allow our team to review the overall product concept, business case and user benefit. This will include an audit of existing systems, the competitive landscape and discussion of key user stories, application features, business requirements and technical requirements.

Define User Personas

A persona is a realistic representation of a user, typically based off user research and incorporating user goals, needs, and interests. Our team will help identify each persona and document key attributes: description, behaviors, goals and attitudes.

User Experience and Information Architecture Sketching

Lo-fi, hi-concept. Great UX starts with collaboration amongst designers and product owners. Our team will host a meeting where we roll up our sleeves and put pencil to paper. Together with our client we sketch up product workflows, annotate key product features and establish a rough visualization of the overall product UX.

Design Concept

Utilizing the research and sketch wireframes from Discovery our team will present high-level design concepts for key application views. We explore user interface designs, patterns, typography, brand extension and visualizing key user workflows in high-fidelity.


Rapid prototyping for testing and user feedback, create high-fidelity design views to direct development and application style guide.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping is the process of quickly designing an interactive representation of the application and validating it with users, stakeholders, developers and designers. Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during design and development.

High-Fidelity Design Views and Application Style Guide

With an approved prototype, our team will create development-ready designs for each of the primary user stories for the development team to follow. Designs can precede development Sprints in an agile environment, or can be completed in entirety for a waterfall approach. Designs include all user interface elements and interactions. With the final views, our team will also create an application style guide which outlines specifications for:

  • Typography
  • Repeatable UI elements (form inputs, buttons, navigation themes, etc.)
  • Color palette
  • Responsive rules (if browser based)

User Experience Design

Wireframes of key user flows



Provide stakeholders and development teams with front-end ready assets and quality assurance testing.

Our design teams works directly with partner or client development teams as the design is brought to life. We can integrate into the development team’s agile methodology, or approach the project in waterfall. From quality assurance testing to iterative updates, our team stay connected through deployment.

User Interface Design

Beautifully Simply, Highly Contagious


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