Brand Development Process

Brand Strategy > Expression Platform > Market Activation

Brand Strategy

Curiosity to uncover the right insights. Experience to leverage them for breakthrough creative solutions

We configure our approach to the unique complexities and challenges of each client’s situation and needs. Leveraging what we learn from our comprehensive discovery and brand audit, we bring to bear the right level of strategic work for the situation. From a guided input session to inform a Creative Brief, to the rigor of a research-driven Brand DNA planning initiative, our approach is shaped to uncover a singular and simple truth which defines a brand position, promise and reason to believe.

This work creates the strategic foundation on which everything else is built.

Expression Platform

The complete verbal and visual definition of the strategic positioning

We design Expression Platforms to provide actionable design directions and brand assets to generate marketing communication collateral and messaging. The platform includes concepts for proper core identity usage, design patterns, primary and secondary color palettes, typographic patterns, messaging (tone-setting language) and recommendations for photography and illustration.

Brand Expression

Verbal and visual definition of the brand positioning



The Expression Platform sets the foundation for building unique experiences with the target audience and ultimately the development of the brand itself. With the Expression in place, we activate. Services include:

  • Marketing strategy & plan development
  • Mobile responsive website
  • Product packaging and point-of-sale
  • Advertising, digital and social marketing campaigns
  • Branded content
  • Trade show and sales material
  • Environmental design

Brand guidelines

Core identity assets and brand messaging


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