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Project Overview

Tyton Partners is a leading investment banking and strategy consulting firm partnering with companies, organizations and investors in or entering the global knowledge sector.

The strength of this firm is the connective nature of the two sides of their business, investment banking and strategy consulting. The way that they work hand-in-hand is an essential differentiator in the category, however this story was not being told effectively.


Originally founded as Education Growth Advisors, the new name Tyton Partners embodies the ethos of the firm; insights, experience and creative solutions tenaciously driving to the right outcome. The unique identity provides a literal avian connection to the name along with a visual representation of growth. The wing form uses repetition of form to  create a transformative path moving in an upward spiral motion.

The expression includes a color palette that represents the two sides of the company in a sophisticated fashion. Custom typography and iconography further reinforce this mature, established image. Dynamic long exposure photography serves to tell the deeper story of continued engagement and partnership along with themes of insight, conduit, guidance and exploration.

Our team planned, designed and developed a new responsive website on the WordPress platform. Special attention was paid to describe the seamless connection between the two sides of the firm, illustrated through content, imagery and informational graphics.

The same creative expression was extended to custom PowerPoint and email templates, printed business papers and other online and digital assets. D+i continues to work with Tyton Partners as they grow to further communicate their distinguished position in the marketplace.


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