Entertainment Brand Repositioning and Guidelines


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Project Overview

In 2006, STARZ, a premium cable channel specialized in delivering Hollywood blockbuster movies, acquired multiple entertainment assets and faced challenges associated with brand integration and an outdated positioning. Now able to more aggressively compete with rivals HBO and Showtime with original programming and distribution outlets, Starz sought out the services of Darwin, our partner strategist, to help them develop a Brand Architecture and Positioning Platform.

Our team came together to demonstrate the potential of the brand through a new logo that not only embodied the Brand Essence, but created a foundation for broad application – from on-air graphics to advertising and promotions.


We began by understanding the vision for the umbrella organization, and the role each acquired brand played in the new company. Stemming from the new primary master brand, we developed the system that used thoughtfully-designed descriptors and modifiers for sub-level brand identities.

After the brand platform and brand identity were created, we continued to consult with STARZ’ internal creative team to apply the brand to a wide variety of marketing promotional tactics. We developed comprehensive brand guidelines for use internally, as well as by cable affiliates who use the STARZ brand in their own marketing promotion.


Starz Entertain, Inc.


Expression Platform
Brand Guidelines
Brand Manifesto