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Project Overview

RO Innovation provides sales and reference enablement software for companies of all sizes, including HP, IBM and Comcast. Their product seamlessly integrates with SalesForce allowing customers to manage their sales references connected to opportunities and create digital sales tools.

RO engaged D+i to analyze the software user experience and user interface design. The legacy design had become dated, the workflow bloated and the entire application required a complete UX audit.


Our engagement began with a complete audit of the existing application. We collaborated with client stakeholders and the development team to map out user personas, user stories and essential workflows to gain complete understanding of how customers were using the application. We then began to conceptualize new user experience concepts in wireframe prototypes to explore workflow improvements. Prototypes were used for client and customer testing and insight from the testing allowed us to iterate and optimize the concepts.

With an improved user experience plan, our team began to explore new interface designs which allowed for client customizations without degrading the critical elements of the application. We also worked with ROI to redesign their mobile SalesForce integration and iPad version of the overall application. Today we continue to work with ROI to further enhance application design and support client customizations as needed.


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