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Project Overview

Rocky Mountain Public Broadcast System (RMPBS) is a state network of PBS member television station which provides over a million Coloradans provocative and inspiring local, national and international programming. In order to capture stories around the state, RMPBS requires both focus and inclusiveness.

Diversity and local point of view are important aspects of how these stories are revealed. By utilizing its regional innovation centers, RMPBS is able to provide a unique viewpoint through which the content is filtered while also acting as a centralized hub for consistent distribution to deliver a story with accountability. In every case content is revealed in a unique manner only ownable by the RMPBS approach.


With a new identity created by the internal marketing team, RMPBS partnered with D+i to establish a consistent set of assets that would give the identity a logical place to live while also providing more storytelling opportunities for the brand as it extended across multiple media, from print to broadcast.

Leveraging the existing tagline of “Stories Start Here” we created an extended brand concept under the title “Through a Local Lens” to guide the graphic execution and provide intent for how the visuals could unfold.

By working closely with the internal department who would ultimately apply the visuals in broadcast graphics and internal marketing materials, we were able to provide a solution that had both structure and flexibility. Angled color fields growing from a central “Broadcast Point” allow for flexibility in layout and arrangement, while also speaking to the multiple viewpoints central to the RMPBS approach. Imagery that represents the people and the environment which RMPBS serves is revealed through apertures that expand or contract to accommodate the balance of any given layout. An extension to the primary color palette serves to reinforce the new identity while providing the ability to distinguish between content types.

A comprehensive brand guidelines document was the final deliverable that acts as an ongoing reference and guide to the successful application of this dynamic storytelling set of brand assets.


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