Quadriga Partners

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Quadriga Partners provides a full spectrum of investment banking services to healthcare companies, from mergers and acquisitions to capital raising and strategic advisory. With a competitive set largely driven by unique market perspective, industry relationships and caliber of partners, Quadriga Partners needed a way to differentiate within the marketplace in a way that is meaningful to their primary audience and provides their internal team with a focused positioning to rally around.

Through key insight we discovered the opportunity for the firm to own a customer-focused position, leveraging the notion of “best interest of our client” as a central theme while also recognizing the significance of the Quadriga name and its meaning and relationship to the number four.

Building on this strategy, we designed a differentiated Brand Expression which positions Quadriga as a sophisticated, bold and engaging investment banking firm interested in building lasting relationships with its clientele, versus competing for single transactions. The imagery throughout nods to a Quadriga, symbolic to the founding partnership.