Pursuit Mobile Application

User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Native Application Design

The Pursuit team, two avid fishermen, were constantly frustrated with being out on a fishing trip and having a nagging worry at the back of their minds that they might have forgotten their fishing licenses.  They knew there had to be a better way to store and renew fishing licenses in a digital fashion that utilized something they never forgot Рtheir phones. Pursuit partnered with 303 Software for development and our design team for UI and UX design. Together we designed a solution for this unmet need that could exist on a mobile device.

Along with designing a beautifully simple UI, we focused our attention on the overall UX. The app needed to make storing, displaying and renewing these licenses a breeze. Our target audience, the millennial hunter and angler, directed the overall approach and allowed us to explore contemporary design solutions without dipping heavily into industry design standards for outdoor sportsmen.

The blend of beautiful outdoor photography backgrounds along with the practicality of storing, organizing and renewing licenses works perfectly together. Now hunting and fishing enthusiasts need not hunt or fish for their licenses in their pockets on each trip; all they need their phones.