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Project Overview

How do you shake up a severely overcrowded category and make a statement without alienating the primary audience? D+i was given something similar to this problem when asked to work on a new cleaning product concept. The central objective was to make a cleaning product that appealed to a primarily male audience, something that hadn’t been seen in this category before.


Tasked to create a visual expression from the ground up, including a unique package for a strong multipurpose cleaner, D+i began with image testing in order to hone in on imagery that appealed to the audience and provoked responses of strong and powerful. Positive results emerged around bold contrasting colors and a superhero-like fist, so we set to work creating a full visual expression to match. This included a work-gloved fist, yellow, black and red graphics and custom typography all illustrated in an angular and aggressive style that balances between dangerously strong and powerfully effective. We further affected the functional appeal of the product by designing a custom container that mimicked a power tool aesthetic while feeling comfortable in the hand.

The benefits of marketing this type of cleaner as a masculine product were the obvious connections to strength and durability. With a limited geographical test-market the product outshined and outsold all other cleaners on shelf with a natural appeal to the male audience and reverse psychology providing an undeniable appeal to a female audience too.

The product went on to further testing and sales success eventually being co-branded with the STP brand family to firmly position this provocative cleaner as a dynamic and innovative multipurpose cleaning product.


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