Nurse Family Partnership

Campaign Creative | Focus Group Testing

Nurse-Family Partnership’s maternal health program allows nurses to deliver the support vulnerable first-time parents need to have a healthy pregnancy and provide their babies with the best possible start in life. D+i Creative was hired to produce an outreach campaign to enroll potential mothers into the program, using media of all types to engage an at-risk audience in specific geographic locations.

The results of focus group research in a select geographic market were used to inform visual and verbal solutions along with appropriate media buys and strategic outreach materials to engage the young girls. Based on the central theme of “Learn More Today. Be a Better Parent Tomorrow,” we produced both English and Spanish versions of extended campaign messaging to create relativity to the primary audiences.

The campaign has since launched using social media, transit advertising and one-on-one engagements at specific events and locations where the target audience is known to frequent. We extended the visual and verbal expression to bus boards, posters, online banner ads, takeaway cards, t-shirts for the nurses and even onesies for the ultimate beneficiaries of this amazing program.