MyRounding Mobile Application

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Project Overview

Even with today’s advanced mobile technologies, caregiver methods for documentation of patient evaluation, treatment, progress and recuperation remain antiquated and siloed. Our team collaborated with 303 Software to partner with a Denver-based healthcare training and educational resource company to bring the rounding process to tablet devices which connect to the cloud for instant review, reporting and analytics.


MyRounding is a robust application designed for healthcare professionals. It allows hospitals and hospital groups to standardize, automate and track rounding activity. More importantly, it allows nurses and staff to be proactive and improves the care and experience of patients in real-time

Combined with a complicated, scalable cloud-based architecture, the solution integrates live data and reporting elements with offline functionality to ensure that user interactivity is not hindered by lack of WiFi or cellular network connectivity. The application is designed and developed with an engagement strategy in mind and with efficiency, patient safety, and quality care at its core.




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