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Project Overview

Long Haul approached D+i with a different approach to building consumer brand equity while also building a new customer base. Long Haul wanted to begin by bringing a new product to the over-the-road professional in a way that also trickled down to a more mass consumer market. By establishing a following for a set of automotive cleaning products at a professional level the consumer would surely follow.

D+i was tasked with building an expression around the product line that would appeal to both big-rig truck drivers and recreational pick-up truck owners alike.


D+i created the experience of this product from the ground up, designing a custom oil barrel-inspired container with rivet details and ribbed exterior. The bottles are wrapped with a metallic label that emulates diamond plate, and features an iconic highway sign logo, along with bold, succinct cleaning claims.

This bold attitude and masculine look and feel was also extended to advertising, point-of-purchase display units, and a trade show booth that allowed for product demo on actual truck parts suspended on panels within the booth.


Long Haul


In-store Graphics
Trade Show Display