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Project Overview

Approved by voters in 2006 for an initial period of 10 years, the Denver Preschool Program (DPP) was created to make it possible for every 4-year-old in Denver to attend a high quality preschool. DPP accomplishes this by providing tuition credits to families, increasing access to preschool information and working to improve the quality of preschool in Denver.

Upon review of the original website it quickly became apparent the primary audience for DPP (parents of three and four-year-olds in Denver) had become a more focused driver for how the site should operate, and the existing functionality was not matching up to their needs. DPP engaged D+i with the goal of providing parents and caregivers easier access to key information they needed to make decisions about early education for their children.


In partnership with 303 Software, D+i embarked on a complete overhaul that would not only answer immediate brand update and UI design requirements, but also offer increased functionality. This included designing helpful tools that estimate tuition cost, search capabilities that map in real time and ultimately creating a clear path to find and enroll in quality preschools with financial help from DPP. Another key focus was ensuring the site offered bilingual features, allowing English and Spanish speaking visitors to access information.

The result is a brand-forward, informative site that leads parents through a step-by-step process which explains how the system works. These steps also encourage multiple site visits through repeat engagements with DPP. By including the statistical skillset of Elementive Marketing Solutions, a web analytics agency, DPP is also able to track interactions and look at results monthly which allows the design and development team to react quickly and adapt the site as necessary to foster improved audience education and participation.


Denver Preschool Program


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