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Project Overview

As a result of Mayor Hickenlooper’s desire to create brand awareness for “The Mile High City,” our team was selected to design a logo that would be used to enhance the city’s image from a commercial and tourism perspective. We first engaged in a strategic process to establish a unique positioning statement for the city: Denver is an energizing place to be where people get more out of every day.

This positioning is supported by some universal points that help to describe the Denver lifestyle and inform the expression: 300 days of sunshine a year, Rocky Mountains in our backyard, booming with job opportunities in growth industries, most educated workforce in the country, incredible outdoor recreational opportunities, revitalized and vibrant downtown.


The process of design selection involved a large city committee and even extended to involve public participation in order to gain support from the citizens of the city being represented. By molding the forms of a downtown building, mountains, blue sky and sunshine into an iconic and colorful “D” we were able to capture the unique attributes of a city that commonly experiences over 300 days of sunshine per year—and the resulting work/life balance of it’s residents.

Possibly the most ubiquitous identity our team has created, the logo can be found all over the city, on everything from shirts and banners, to recycle bins and parking meters. The identity has since been applied to most all of the city infrastructure, using similar typography and extended color palettes to create a unifying look and universal appeal across multiple media and most internal departments.


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