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Project Overview

Tobacco Free Colorado (TFC) is a comprehensive resource provided by the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership, of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). The purpose of TFC is to provide education and resources to the public along with grantee partners to advance tobacco prevention and cessation in Colorado.

We worked under SE2 Communications, a communications agency focused on policy change who works with CDPHE on a variety of communication and marketing needs. SE2 engaged D+i to help solidify the TFC brand and redesign the website. The TFC website is intended to serve as a resource hub for the public along with grantees to access useful facts, articles and materials supporting moving toward a tobacco-free lifestyle. However, the original TFC public site existed entirely separate from the grantee site, and both were outdated with limited, hard-to-find information and virtually no sense of a unifying brand for the platform.


We collaborated with SE2 along with CDPHE stakeholders to explore the best approach for providing actionable information specific to the individual’s needs to advance the health of Colorado and its citizens. This was anchored by an overarching theme of “where progress is made” to communicate that TFC’s goal is to be a resource rather than an anti-tobacco entity. Utilizing this strategic direction, our team designed the brand expression including core identity, color palettes and design patterns. The identity captures TFC’s focus on progress for Colorado, with the words “Tobacco Free”surrounded by whitespace which subtly overtakes a green arrow enclosing the Colorado abbreviation, CO, to emphasize a path to cleanliness – be that improving air quality, individual health, the health of employees in businesses, etc. We recommended a lighter-toned color palette to further emphasize this idea of cleanliness while also creating a sense of calm and reducing the stress that often drives individuals to use tobacco in the first place.

We were then tasked with brand application to the TFC public and grantee sites. This began with consolidating the two sites by creating a password-protected grantee page to allow access to gated content while not distancing from the public-facing brand. With audience sensitivity in mind, SE2 developed website content to deliver information in a soft, approachable way. The D+i team then brought that content to life in the design of the site. Iconography includes arrows reminiscent of the identity to continue to emphasize progress. As TFC is a resource for diverse audiences, we utilized a limited amount of photography and instead created custom illustrations that reflected the breadth of Colorado in a playful, colorful style to lighten otherwise serious subject matter. Throughout the site, you’ll find conversational calls to action at multiple touch points to access information and resources regardless of audience. The Story page features a timeline-style overview of tobacco in Colorado with a focus on illustration to deliver information in an interactive and engaging way.

Ultimately, we designed a brand for TFC which was easily translated in an engaging website. By merging the public and grantee sites, we created a hub for information and resources to easily be accessed, shared and repurposed. Soft content, interactive delivery and intuitive navigation support audience perception of the TFC brand as a comprehensive resource that provides actionable information specific to your needs to advance the health of Colorado and its citizens.


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