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Colorado Children’s Hospital

Brand Strategy | Brand Expression | Marketing Collateral | Website | Mobile Application UI/UX Design


The Children’s Hospital Colorado received a grant in 2009 to open a new clinic with one purpose—drastically reduce pregnancy rates in girls ages 12-24. Their service is unique as it offers completely free and confidential birth control to anyone within this age group. The clinic became a huge success as it experienced rapid growth and treated 1,000 girls in the first year with long-term birth control.


D+i helped launch the clinic brand and has led its evolution over the years to better connect and resonate with a challenging target audience – underserved teenage girls in the Denver Metro area. In 2018, clinic leaders wanted to completely reinvent the way their patients interacted with the brand, website and online scheduling. Although engagement with the current tools was high, there was a lack of follow through from patients with their appointments. Our challenge was to engage patients with a process that would build trust and ultimately compel them to attend the appointments that they set.


D+i worked directly with clinic stakeholders to design a new online scheduling system that allows users to set an appointment at the clinic on their terms. We also developed an appropriate evolution of their brand experience to match.  The scheduling app allows users to choose their day, practitioner, location and method for being reminded of their appointment. A seemingly simple workflow, however for this audience, great care had to be taken to ensure they feel secure and safe through the ability to customize their engagement and take ownership of their personal needs.

The brand evolved to relate directly to the audience using messaging focused on empowerment over their bodies and their decisions as teenagers and young women.


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