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2018 – present

A responsible creation of opportunity

Due to a relationship with a front range land-owner our client Shea Properties was given the task to provide the structure and process to responsibly parcel out lots, develop and sell this valuable property situated in the foothills of Colorado.

The neighborhood was named, primary infrastructure began to inform lot-lines, and through a vetting process utilizing pre-set architectural guidelines, among other factors, four qualified builders were chosen to aid in the creation of custom homes for the future residents of Montane. This unique property was poised to be the next great exclusive community along the front range but relied primarily on word of mouth and on-site signage to attract potential residents.

Build the next phase of your life

D+i was hired to not only update and refresh the existing creative around the Montane brand, but also to securely position the neighborhood in the minds of future residents as having the most potential for their next custom home.

Studying the specific audience types for this brand brought about insight to inform a unique verbal and visual approach. One that teased up the beauty of the natural surroundings and mountainous front range setting, balanced with the potential to build the home of your dreams – your forever home. This approach would appeal to a segment of the population at a point in their lives when a particular lifestyle matters and nothing else will do.

We expressed this visually through a bold use of the word BUILD to create a window through which you could get a glimpse of the landscape where your future plot might be.

A juxtaposition of mountain and urban lifestyles

The different target audiences for Montane had one thing in common — they all desired to achieve a unique balance between the appeal of being away in the mountains, secluded and enjoying the natural surroundings, without losing access to an urban lifestyle that included the culture, tastes and social life that only a big city can offer.

Montane needed to sit in the middle of this intersection, and we achieved that through a number of visual brand elements and storytelling devices applied to an integrated print campaign. Original photography highlighted unique architectural styles of each home being built, social media kept a constant finger on the pulse of progress on-site building a following of style influencers and high-end custom fixture brands that appeared in each home. Copywriting further told the story around the proximity of the property to key destinations, while also describing the ease of a custom home build in Montane positioning it as “the easiest decision you ever made.”

Only at Montane

After a year of perception-building in the marketplace it was time to shift gears and find a new image driver that matched the progress happening at Montane. As more lots sold and custom homes were built, the neighborhood began to grow into a real community. This provided the content and opportunity to paint a picture in the future buyers mind of what their life might look like if they lived here, referencing real builds and the concept of day-in-the-life moments to illustrate scenarios that could only happen if you lived at Montane.

The new campaign also extended to an updated website, imagery and language that confidently described Montane as “…an entry point to the Rocky Mountain lifestyle”. Along with a substantial increase in engagement with their social media feeds, traffic and lead creation from their website, Montane continues to sell lots as they move through the 3rd of 4 phases of new releases.